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Alnmouth's Attractions and Things To Do

Alnmouth Beach, Alnmouth Guide, Your Northumberland Guide
The best reason for visiting Alnmouth, of course, is it's stunning beaches which the 'Good Beach Guide' describes as: "A quiet sandy beach set in a wide bay. A beautiful rural setting away from the hustle and bustle and with plenty of bird watching opportunities along the sand dunes."

Split into roughly three sections there is the main stretch of beach in front of the public car park, which is located right on the sea front. This main stretch of beach is very popular and it's easy to see why. You will notice a series of concrete cubes along the beach here, they were placed during the second world war as a defence to a possible German invasion. Following the beach Southwards from the car park leads you around to the estuary (pictured below), the mouth of the river Aln and as beach walks go it is very difficult to beat. Swimming is strictly prohibited in the estuary, it is well known for it's strong and highly dangerous rip tides.

The beach south of the estuary is much more difficult to get to and as such is frequented by less visitors. There are no facilities on this beach, backed by huge sand dunes. It is only accessible via a very small track off the A1068 before reaching the village. It is however popular with locals and dog walkers (there are no dog restrictions on any of these beaches). The third section of beach leads North from Alnmouth and towards the fishing village of Boulmer.

The beach and natural beauty of the area around Alnmouth lends itself perfectly to an enjoyable walk. One of our favourites in the County is a short walk that starts in Alnmouth and circumnavigates the Village, taking in views of the beach, the estuary and the River Aln. The route for this walk is marked in blue on our map of Alnmouth Village.

Walking North from Alnmouth either along the dunes or along the beach, depending on tide, is also extremely popular. This section of coastline becomes gradually more rocky than sandy in parts and can be very 'bracing' in winter, but it certainly blows the cobwebs away.

A feature that runs alongside the beach is the course of Alnmouth Village Golf Club, founded in 
1869 it is the oldest nine-hole links course in England, with course designed by the famous Mungo Park who was also the Club's first professional and greenkeeper. Alnmouth Village Golf Club is not to be confused with Alnmouth Golf Club, which is located just outside the village at Foxton Hall. It is a private members club, but also welcomes visitors. The clubhouse here is designed to accommodate groups of visitors, with a variety of rooms with en suite, two bars, a lounge and a dining room. Northumberland has a huge number of Golf Courses, those nearby include Alnwick, Dunstanburgh Castle, Seahouses and Bamburgh. For a full listing of all Northumberland's Golf Courses see our Golf Page.

Alnmouth Beach, Alnmouth Guide, Your Northumberland Guide
Watersports and Fishing
Alnmouth is becoming increasing popular with surfers and kite surfers. When conditions are favourable you can often see people enjoying the breaks and riding the waves. Sea fishing is allowed without a license from Alnmouth beach and also downstream of the Duchess Bridge (on the road into Alnmouth). At the end of Summer both Sea Trout and Salmon can be caught. Upstream of the Duchess Bridge until the River Aln reaches Lesbury belongs to Alnwick Anglers and this tends to be the best stretch for catches. Daily, weekly and annual passes for this stretch of the River are available from the Alnwick Anglers in the Hardy Fishing Tackle Showroom in Alnwick (01665 602 771). You will also need a Rivers Authority License to fish the River, which can be bought from the Post Office.

Children's Play Area
There is a very nicely kept Children's Play Area at the back of the Village of Alnmouth near the 'harbour area'. It is next to the River Aln just before the river turns into the estuary and is a very pleasant spot to stop off with the kids for a picnic or just let them burn off some energy for a while. The play area is marked on our Map of Alnmouth.

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